Established in spring, 2007 Department of English is the first department of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences of ASA University Bangladesh (ASAUB). It encourages research, and organizes workshops and training programs for the faculty members. The university is committed to providing state-of-the-art facilities to students and faculty members. It has an audio-visual communication system, a study and Wi-Fi zone, and an online access to a well-stocked library. It provides an intellectually nourishing and conducive atmosphere to the students aspiring to undertake an in-depth study of English through a variety of courses covering all the major branches of English studies. At ASAUB, the BA (honors) and MA (final) programs in English offer a blend of courses on language, literature, and linguistics. In our programs, the combination of courses covers a vast domain of British, American, and world literatures, and focuses on recent developments in linguistics and language teaching that provide the opportunity to learn the use of current classroom techniques for the teaching of English. All the courses require presentations, analytical discussions, critical thinking, and reading and writing: skills which are all pre-requisites for research dissertations to be submitted by the end of the programs. Over the last few years, the Department of English at ASA University Bangladesh has been concerned about the economic and the academic challenges posed by the corporate world. Henceforth, we have formed an affiliation with other organizations, including the British Council in Dhaka, along with some distinguished academics from different universities to conduct workshops to prepare the undergraduates for the competitive job market. The development of the Department over the last few years has been prompted by constant innovative and ongoing efforts to improve the learning experience through advanced technology.

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