Full Time Faculty Members Faculty of Business

Please dial extension no : 321/335(3rd floor) & 339/340(6th floor) for the faculty members
01.Dean-In-Charge, Faculty of Business & Chairman, Dept. of Business Administration315
02.Professor ,402
03.Assistant Professor & Coordinator,MBA Program .318
04.Assistant Professor 321
05.Assistant Professor .347
06. Assistant Professor .318
07.Assistant Professor 
08.Assistant Professor 
09.Assistant Professor,318
10.Assistant Professor 318
11.Senior Lecturer 
12.Senior Lecturer 
13.Senior Lecturer 
14.Senior Lecturer 
15.Senior Lecturer(On Study Leave) 
16.Senior Lecturer347
17.Senior Lecturer 
18.Senior Lecturer 
19.Senior Lecturer 
20.Senior Lecturer 
21.Senior Lecturer 
22.Senior Lecturer & Assistant Coordinator,BBA Program318
23.Senior Lecturer & Coordinator,BBA Program 318
24.Senior Lecturer 
25.Senior Lecturer 
27.Senior Lecturer