Message from the Chief Editor of ASA University Review

The ASA University Review is as old as the University itself is. It was mainly due to the inspiration of Professor Muinuddin Khan, the first Vice-Chancellor of this University that caused the publication of this journal and the continuation of its subsequent issues regularly twice a year. Professor Khan acted as the Chief Editor of it as well. He had been very meticulous about the standard of the journal and worked very hard to select reviewers who would be appropriate persons to review a paper. While selecting research papers for publication he wouldn't discriminate whether that discipline is studied at this University or not, but used to see whether those papers are of particular standard.

It would be very difficult for me to sustain the standard Prof. Khan maintained, but I can only say very modestly that I'll try my level best to sustain the standard of the journal and to keep its publishing regularly twice a year.

With thanks,

Prof. Dr. Abu Daud Hasan
Dean, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences Chief Editor, ASA University Review