Contents of 15th Issue, VOl:8 No:2

SL No Title of the Article Authors Preview
1. Convergence in Telecommunication Law in Bangladesh Abu Hena Mostofa Kamal Download
2. Regional Integration of South Asia through Trade Facilitation Khan Ferdousour Rahman & Sabina Yeasmin Download
3. Deconstruction of Population, Politics & Environment Md. Akbar Hossain, Md. Mizanur Rahman & Md. Habibur Rahman Download
4. Vulnerability and Coping Strategies of Floods in Bangladesh Agriculture Shah-Al-Emran, Anonna Jahan, Gazi Muhammad Abdullah Mahdi & Setu Chakma Download
5. Human Resources as Strategic Partner: Source of Sustainable Competitive Advantage Md. Abdulla Al Mamun, Nasrin Shamima & Md. Shamimul Islam Download
6. Dynamics of Relationship among Export, Gross Domestic Product, Foreign Direct Investment and Effective Exchange Rate in Bangladesh (Export model) Jesmin Akter Download
7.Performance Evaluation of SMEs Loans of BRAC Bank Ltd: An Analysis Kartik Chandra Mondal Download
8. Intellectual Capital Disclosure: A Study on Banking and IT Companies Md. Shakawat Hossain Download
9. Bangladesh Village: A Study of Peasant Power and Politics Mihir Kumar Roy & Salah Uddin Ibne Syed Download
10. Low Birth Weight of Babies: Evidence from A Micro Study in a Slum Area Nasrin Sultana Download
11. Phytoremediation of Chromium (Cr) from Tannery Effluent by Using Water Lettuce Sonya Akter, Rezuana Afrin, Md. Younus Mia & Md. Zakir Hossen Download
12. Domestic Workers: Protection of Rights and their Way Forward Rehena Siddiqua Download
13. Forecasting on DSE General Index and the Main Reasons Behind the Recent Market Crash Mohd. Takdir Hossan Download
14. Factors Affecting Achievement Motivation Sahadat Hossain & Sharmin Sultana Download
15. Rabindranath Tagore as the Reluctant Elegy Debutant Mohammed Shamsul Hoque Download
16. Reality of EFL Classes: With Students of Varied Proficiency Levels Shamima Akter Shanta Download
17. The Effectiveness of English Proficiency Courses taught at Undergraduate Level Zafor Mohammad Mahmud Download
18. New Historicism and Humayun Ahmeds Jochhona o Jononir Golpo Muntasir Mamun, Nellufar Yeasmin & Md. Shayeekh-Us-Saleheen Download
19. Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights: An Unconventional Victorian Masterpiece Gazi Abdulla-hel Baqui & Nishat Tasneem Download
20. Female Labor Participants in the Market of Bangladesh: Case Studies Rowshon Ara Romke Download
21. Determinants of Dividend Payout Ratio: Evidence from Dhaka Stock Exchange Md. Rizvy Ahmed & Dewan Muktadir-Al-Mukit Download