Contents of 3rd Issue, VOl:2 No:2

SL No Title of the Article Authors
1. Admissibility of Surveillance Evidence: A Legal Perspective. Abu Hena Mostofa Kamal.
2. Under Pricing and Earnings Management of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) Md. Aminul Islam, Datin Ruhani Ali, Zamri Ahmad.
3. Contriutions of Frederick Taylor, Henri Fayol and Peter Drucker in Modern Management. Jashim Uddin Ahmed, Nazrul Islam, S.S.M. Sadrul Huda.
4. Vuluntary Corporate Governance Reporting in Annual Reports. Md. Hohobbot Ali, Habib Uz-Zaman, Khan, Zohra Kayeser Fatima, Md. Zakaria Masud.
5. Mobile Phone Value-Added Services: A Surviving Strategy while Ensuring Customer Satisfaction. Ishrat Sultana, Zahidul Alam.
6. Alternative Derivation of Cote's Number for Newton Cote's Integration Formula. Md. Shajedul Karim, Pabel Shahrear, M.M.Rahman, Rezwan Ahmad, Rasel Biswas.
7. Communicative Language Teaching in Bangladesh: Teachers Belief and Practices Samina Akter Nayla.
8. Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting. Shaila Ahmed, Md. Shahidul Islam.
9. Management Information Systems (MIS) of a Bank Syed Abdulla Al Mamun, Mst. Nusrat Sharmin.
10. Applying Balanced Scorecard to Higher Educaion. MOhammad Nazrul Islam.
11. Teaching Business English with Business Studies. Daina Ansarey.
12. Measuring Brand Choice Behavior of the Mobile Set Users. Muhammad Musharuf Hossain Mollah, Shah Md, Al-Emran Sarker, Abul Kalam.
13. Critical Incdent Techinique (CIT): A Tool for Measuring Effectiveness of Service Encounters. Dewan Md Nur A Yazdani, Rubaiyet Hasan Khan, Ashraf U. Bhuiyan.
14. Towards an Effective Training Programs for Commercial Banks Md. Kaosar Hosain, Ferdausi Sultana.