ASA University Bangladesh Career Counseling Centre (ASAUBCCC)


This Centre empowers the students of ASAUB in relation to their career development by providing necessary career counseling services. So it moves to develop and maintain corporate relations and arranges career development related seminars, workshops, consultations, etc. for the students of ASAUB. Major activities of the Centre are as under:

Internship placement : In order to expose the students to the functions and culture of organized institutions, the Centre arranges internship with the successful organizations and financial institutions.

Job search and job placement :The Centre facilitates job search for ASAUB students and assists them in finding jobs.

Career related programs : The Centre also designs and arranges seminars, workshops, consultations, etc. to enhance career related knowledge, skills and positive attitude of ASAUB students.

Database of ASAUB students : It maintains a database of ASAUB students to help build network of them and reap benefit from it.

ALUMNI Association :Another major activity of the Centre is to facilitate the formation of Alumni Association and to maintain useful relation with it.

Students should send their CVs along with a scanned copy of photograph of each to the email: and submit the hard copies of the same to the Career Counseling Centre for internship or job placement.