Duration of the Program and Total Credit Hours(BBA)

The academic requirement is flexible enough to accommodate students pursuing a wide variety of goals. Broad field like Business Administration calls for a flexible curriculum. The BBA curriculum is the combination of Core business courses, General education courses, Remedial courses and Major courses. The course structure is as follows:

Year/ Level 1st Semester 2nd Semester 3rd Semester Total
First year 4 Courses 4 Courses 4 Courses 12 Courses
Second year 4 Courses 4 Courses 4 Courses 12 Courses
Third year 4 Courses 4 Courses 4 Courses 12 Courses
Fourth year 4 Courses 4 Courses Internship/Disertation 8 Courses+Internship/Disertation
Total 44 Courses+Internship/Disertation
* Credit courses 42 each of 3 cr. hrs. and non credit courses 2.

Although the normal duration is four years, the program must be completed within a maximum period of 6 years. But in case of special circumstances degree can be completed within 7 years. Importance will be given on practical training for a period of 3-6 months. For that reason the students will get credit. There will be flexibility for the students in number of courses in a particular semester. Normal load is four courses in a semester, but a student may take less than four courses (3 to 2) or more (5 to 6). Moreover, there is provision for retaking the course for improvement of grade.