Message from the Director

Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of ASA University Bangladesh (ASAUB) has been established with the goal of ensuring quality education for the students of this university that will bring positive change in their lives in terms of knowledge, skill and attitude. This change does not occur overnight; it takes time, concerted effort and commitment of the stakeholders. IQAC is moving towards its goal with the support from the university management, teachers, students, officials, alumni and the society at large. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to ASAUB management, UGC, Bangladesh government, the World Bank for their financial and technical supports in running IQAC at ASAUB.

The Self-Assessment (SA) exercise is an effective approach to gain clear understanding of the current strengths and weaknesses of the academic programs of the university undertake improvement plan. IQAC, ASAUB has been performing all the SA activities related to quality education successfully with highly devoted and motivated Self-Assessment Committees (SACs). It is not so far that ASAUB will be a centre of excellence for quality education. All these efforts of IQAC to ensure quality education at ASAUB will enable our students to contribute to the society.

Moreover, IQAC at ASAUB is committed to create enabling environment and quality culture on the campus. Quality assurance is a continuous process. We will continue to identify the scope of further improvement with the feedback from all stakeholders and act accordingly to build a better future of our students as well as contribute to the socio-economic development of Bangladesh.

Prof. Dr.Md. Azizur Rahman Khan
Director, IQAC, ASAUB