Pharmacy Club:

Purpose of the Pharmacy Club:

  • To create educational opportunities for all students of Pharmacy
  • To provide a vehicle for students interested in social change, community organization.
  • To engage students in activities beneficial to their personal and professional development.
  • To generate innovative ideas.
  • To develop leadership and professional skills.
  • Gather more knowledge from basic information training about different Pharmaceutical Sectors.
  • Students express his/her talents through this club by different programs.
  • To develop Intra-department communication
  • To increase publicity of the department

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    Prospectus of the Pharmacy Club:

  • Leadership and communication skill development.
  • Develop Intra-Batch communication.
  • Basic information training on scope of pharmacy profession.
  • Blood donation campaign.
  • Blood group, Blood sugar test campaign
  • Social activities , For example: World Diabetic Day Rally,
  • To help disaster people.
  • Health conscious campaign (Example: HIV, Diarrhea etc).
  • Arranging Seminar.
  • Department publicity for Student Admission.
  • Arranging Cultural program and Picnic.

  • Committee format of the Pharmacy Club

    Faculty Executive Committee of Pharmacy Club

  • Dean (President of Pharmacy Club), Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Science and Engineering
  • All the Respective Teachers are Member.
  • One Member Secretary.
  • One Student Representative (member). (Only Chief of the students)

  • Students Executive Committee for of Pharmacy Club

  • Total 8 members are included in this committee. (One Student Representative from every batch) (Change in every semester)
  • Chief of the Students (one person) (Selected from final year last semester) (Change in every semester)
  • Enlisted 20 volunteers. (Volunteer selected from 1st, 2nd, 3rd year) (Change in every semester)