Courses for BSS (Honors) in Applied Sociology


Core Courses

Area Courses (Any one)


SOC 111 Introduction to Sociology
SOC 112 Bangladesh Society and Culture
SOC 113 Social Problems and Issues

SOC 114 Social Psychology
SOC 115 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
SOC 116 Social History
ENG 117 English Language (Noncredit but mandatory)


SOC 121 Introduction to Social Statistics
SOC 122 Gender, Society and Development
SOC 123 Political Sociology

SOC 124 Sociology of Marriage and Family
SOC 125 Rural Sociology
SOC 126 Urban Sociology
ENG 127 English Language (Noncredit but mandatory)


SOC 131 Advanced Social Statistics
SOC 132 Population, Health and Development (Social Demography)
SOC 133 Sociology of Environment

SOC 134 Social Inequality
SOC 135 Sociology of Disability
SOC 136 Social Gerontology
ENG 137 English Language (Noncredit but mandatory)


SOC 211 Theories of Development and Underdevelopment
SOC 212 Research Methodology: Quantitative Research Methods
SOC 213 Qualitative Research Methods

SOC 213 Sociology of Religion
SOC 214 Sociology of Crime and Punishment
SOC 215 Sociology Migration


SOC 221 Sociological Theory - 1 (Classical)
SOC 222 Sociology of Mass Communication
SOC 223 Sociology of Beliefs and Rituals

SOC 224 Sociology of developing Societies
SOC 224 Sociology of Ethnicity and Minorities
SOC 225 Population and Society


SOC 231 Sociological Theory -2 (Critical Social Theory- Modern/Post Modern)
SOC 232 Sociology of Education
SOC 233 Sociology of Risk and Health Behavior

SOC 234 International Development
SOC 234 Sociology of Science, Information and Technology
SOC 235 Sociology of Work


SOC 311 Computer Application for Social Research
SOC 312 Sociology of Poverty
SOC 313 Understanding Social and Political Change in Bangladesh

SOC 314 Sexuality, Identity, and Illness
SOC 315 Issues and Problems of Development in South Asia
SOC 316 Sociology of Race, Ethnicity and Minorities



SOC 321 Sociology of Sustainable Development
SOC 322 Governance and Planning
SOC 323 Industrial Sociology

SOC 324 The Sociology of the Arts: Classical and Contemporary Perspectives
SOC 325 Sociology of Peasant Society
SOC 326 Globalization, Culture and Society


SOC 331 Medical Sociology/Health and Society
SOC 332 Sociology of Law
SOC 333 Risk and Communication

SOC 334 Social Inequality
SOC 335 NGO, Civil Society and the State
SOC 336 Cultural Studies


SOC 411 Techniques of Population Analysis
SOC 412 Sociology of Environment and Disaster
SOC 413 Society, Culture and HIV/AIDS

SOC 414 Industrial Sociology
SOC 415 Power and Politics in Organizations/Sociology of Organization
SOC 416 Economy and Society


SOC 421 Applied Statistics
SOC 422 Policy Analysis
SOC 423 Data Management and SPSS

SOC 424 Structural Equation Modeling
SOC 425 Military Sociology
SOC 426 Globalization and Social Movements


SOC 431 Research Monograph
-Field Research, Internship and Project*

(Research design, theoretical framework, review of literature, Instrument development, data collection, data analysis and report writing)