Welcome to Applied Sociology at ASAUB. Applied Sociology family hopes that you will take some time to explore our homepage and learn more about what we have to offer in terms of our educational courses and programs, service and leadership opportunities and faculty research, scholarship and professional development projects. Each of our faculty is passionate about sociology as it not only reflects our career interests, but nearly every aspect of our daily lives. Once you become familiar with the sociological perspective it guides your thinking, how you perceive the world and encourages actions that enhance social equality and justice and respect for diversity.

Sociology is one of the most popular disciplines all over the world. Sociology studies groups, institutions and structures of social life and thus has a vast scope. It explores how individuals behave as members of society and how their behavior varies across cultures. The variety of issues sociology deals with range from family to climate change. One of its particular focuses is social change and development.

Applied sociology is a discipline which is oriented to social policy issues and its implementation. It uses sociological knowledge and insight to solve the problems of social life through policy formulation and intervention strategies. As most of the problems of social life in a country like Bangladesh are rooted in colonial exploitation, poverty and underdevelopment, the Department of Applied Sociology at ASA University Bangladesh offers a variety of courses on development, environment and globalization which prepare our young students with necessary knowledge to understand the problems of underdevelopment and poverty and apply their skills in real life and which enable them to find jobs in diverse sectors. The Department of Applied Sociology provides a rigorous and academically challenging program of study that allows students to develop intellectually, socially, and professionally. We offer courses that analyze society from broad institutional and global perspectives as well as courses that examine individuals and groups as they interact with others in the course of their daily lives. Also, our courses prepare students to value and understand the research process and how research-based knowledge can be applied to help improve the quality of peoples lives and enhance the process of development. The courses are also well-designed to prepare students for the job market. It provides all students scope for internship at ASA or other corporate organizations including banks and NGOs. Students are encouraged to enhance their preparation for professional careers by enrolling in our internships available at numerous consultancy firms and NGOs and ASA, in particular, where they gain valuable on-site learning and work experience. Our graduates leave with analytical, written and oral skills that are useful in obtaining satisfying careers, pursuing advanced graduate degrees and improving interpersonal relationships. The faculty takes pride in their professional work and are noted for their mentoring, that in many instances, lasts a lifetime.

Please consider learning more about Applied Sociology at ASAUB and joining us and having exciting, motivating and life-changing educational experiences.

Professor Dr. Nilufar Begum Nilu
Department of Applied Sociology